I’ve been trying my hardest to save up for all the fair food I’m going to eat today. By “save up” I mean not over indulge when I know I’m going to be eating cheese curds, cookies, and deep fried candy bars today. However, I got a tiny but off course last night when Mike’s family invited me out to dinner with them.

We went to Ciao Bella in Edina. It was a first for me and I was not disappointed! In my attempts to save a couple calories, I chose the large low-carb salad for dinner.

Excuse the awkward shadow in the corner. I’m still trying to figure out the fancy camera I got yesterday.

The salad consisted of pepperoni, smoked mozzarella, grilled chicken, avocado, pancetta, and egg topped with a light red wine vinaigrette. It was delish! It was all going so well until we stopped by Sebastian Joe’s ice cream shop for dessert. Oh well, I was just giving my taste buds a warm up for today!

I prepared for my food-filled day this morning by whipping up a small healthy meal after my short 2-mile run.


My breakfast consisted of egg whites topped with ham, cheddar cheese, and…ketchup. Yes, I like ketchup on my eggs. Funny story actually, my first ever email address was ketchupgirl21. HA!

My breakfast went perfectly with a good dose of Food Magazine! I love Food Magazine, but some of the recipes are a little too fancy for me. There was an awesome pullout in this edition, however called 50 Breakfasts on the Fly. I definitely recommend checking it out for some fun and easy breakfast ideas.

Time to get my State Fair game face on! Look out Sweet Martha’s Cookies, here I come!