If you’re looking for healthy recipes and workout tips, this is not the post for you. If you’re looking for a good healthy dose of food porn, you’ve come to the right place.

There will be no cooking this weekend. Not even a little. Mike’s parents are in town, and therefore the weekend will be jam-packed with dining out! Last night was the ultimate kick-off at my favorite “special-occasion” restaurant in Chicago, Ditka’s.

We started our meal off with the one, the only, pot roast nachos.

must. eat. nachos.

Me and pot roast nachos go way back. All the way to my twentieth birthday!

It was love at first bite.

Since Mike’s parents aren’t as big of nacho fans, Mike and I pretty much had the whole platter to ourselves.

I usually order fish for my main course at Ditka’s, but none of the selections were popping out at me, so I opted for “Da Pork Chop”.

Da Chop!

There are no words for how delicious this was. The chop was served with apple chutney, cherry jus, and mashed sweet potatoes. All of which was to die for! Both Mike and his dad went for the classic Ditka’s meatloaf.

I swear there’s meatloaf in there somewhere

If you’re a meatloaf lover, I highly recommend the Ditka’s meatloaf. The combination of the cornbread, fried onions, and mashed potatoes with the loaf is outstanding. Shortly after we polished off our meals the food coma set in. Why we chose this time to take pictures, I do not know. Things took an ugly turn:

yeah…not so much.

We were struggling. It took about fifteen attempts before we landed a decent one:

We have a winner!

Mike’s “after Ditka’s” face

Cute, right? I’ll leave you with this lovely image. Tonight we have plans to feast, yet again. Sounds like I’ll be doing cardio all day Sunday! Greeeat.