This past week has been ROUGH! Being busy is no excuse to eat like crap, but I must admit I’ve had some slip ups over the past week. There’s been some of this…


And a little bit of this…


pulled chicken+pulled pork=ultimate BBQ sandwich

Okay, so I have a couple excuses. First of all, those wings were split between Mike and myself. The ratios are never half and half when we split things, since Mike has the metabolism of a seven year old girl and the stomach of a four hundred pound man. Out of the thirty two wings I ate nine while he polished off the rest. Who knew Whole Foods had the best deal on wings ever? They give you a giant bucket and it’s only $10.00 to fit as many in as you can!

The BBQ was from our date night last weekend at The Smoke Daddy.

Awwww yeeeeuuhhh

This place was excellent. Just good, classic barbecue.

The week has also included snacking on halloween candy that I bought for the imaginary trick-or-treaters that will come to my apartment, and picking at all the goodies the family I babysit for keeps on hand. I swear, they always have the best treats. They always have homemade brownies, cookies, banana bread, and lately pumpkin bread. It’s torture!

I’m ready for a week of clean eating! I’m also working on constructing a new workout plan for the next 8-12 weeks. My last one lasted eight weeks and it seemed to just fly by, so I’m thinking of going all out with a twelve week program. I always get so stressed out when constructing a new workout plan. My biggest fear is that I will end up getting bored half-way through and give up. I’m really excited to challenge myself, though.

I’m working on a healthy crockpot chicken recipe for tomorrow that will hopefully last the week. Can’t wait to post it on here!