Last night brought me back to high school. It’s homecoming week at DePaul, since our homecoming revolves around basketball instead of football. Last night my friends and I took a trip down memory lane and attended the DePaul homecoming dance. In my four years of college I have never attended the dance until now. I have to say, I had a good time!





The night started out at my friend Tessa’s apartment. Since I have not attended a homecoming-type dance since high school, this was the first time I could actually, legally enjoy a few drinks beforehand! While there were no awkward date photos, limo rides, or family style dinners before the dance, it really did feel like high school once we got there. Around 10:00 we were bussed to Soldier Field, where the event was being held. The experience was complete with a dance circle, wild dancing, and girls finding the perfect place to hide their heels and purses. We were only at the dance for an hour, but it was more than enough for this girl. I just can’t do it like high school anymore!

I was brave enough to make an appearance in the dance circle. Unfortunately, my friend Kelly caught the whole thing on camera. Let’s just say it’s a good thing I wore shorts under that dress! Alright, onto more important things like food. I am planning on participating in the Peanut Butter Fingers Crockpot Challenge. The rules of the challenge are pretty simple: Try 10 new Crockpot recipes by the end of February! I can’t promise I’ll make it to 10, but I’ll sure try! I’m definitely open to any suggestions.

Meal number one is already planned for this week. Some type of a spicy chicken stew will be in the works shortly, so stay tuned!