Happy weekend!

So far, this weekend has been one of the best  in a while. It started out on Thursday night with a DePaul Dance Team dinner/slumber party! One team member usually hosts the team dinners, and we usually do something simple like order pizza. We decided to have a potluck on Thursday, and let me tell you, there was an abundance of food.




Some of the star dishes included: homemade pizza rolls, pizza dip with garlic bread, greek yogurt pasta salad, and all the delicious fresh fruit people brought! My contributions were ham and cheese puff pastry roll-ups which I forgot to snap a picture of, and a white cheddar cranberry dip served with sliced baguettes.



YUM! The feast continued into the morning with a delicious breakfast of eggs, bacon, coffee cake, butter braids, and more fruit.

The Breakfast Club

The Breakfast Club…not apologizing for posting this. Hehe!


It was a great night of eating and bonding. However, there was very little nutrition involved. I was feeling beyond horrible after breakfast, as if the night before wasn’t enough. I took a turn for the worst somewhere between the donut holes and butter braids. Not good! My friend Tessa and I decided we needed to do some serious cardio to make up for our indulgences. I proposed a long run, but the fresh snow on the ground kind of killed that idea. Tessa gets Spartan Race’s workout of the day sent to her phone every day. The particular workout from yesterday sounded like a great circuit, so we went for it!

Spartan Circuit Workout:

Perform each exercise 10 times, with no rest between exercises. Rest 2-3 minutes between circuits, repeat 3-5 times.

  • 100 meter sprint
  • push-ups
  • 100 meter sprint
  • jumping lunges
  • 100 meter sprint
  • pull-ups (assisted or non)
  • 100 meter sprint
  • burpees
  • 100 meter sprint
  • bodyweight squats
  • 100 meter sprint
  • 30 crunches

Each circuit took us about 7-9 minutes. We were huffing and puffing by the end and feeling good! The burpees were definitely the toughest part for me, and Tessa said the pull-ups were the most challenging for her. We saved enough energy to round out the workout with 25 minutes on the elliptical.

The workout yesterday made me want to look into more similar circuit workouts. I have been shying away from them recently, but this one really got me engaged. Alright, I’m off to do my scheduled lower body workout for the day! I have a feeling some more intense cardio will be needed as well.