There have been some notable changes in my life since my blogging ambitions were put on hold back in February. I’ll start at the beginning.

I completed my first half marathon in 2 hours and 1 minute.

Screen Shot 2013-10-14 at 6.58.43 PM

I graduated from college.


Congrats, grad.

I moved from Chicago back to Minneapolis, and lived in my childhood home for two months while searching for a job. IMAG0607

Sayin “so long” to my roommate of the past 4 years!

Sweet home Minneapolis.

After two months of scouting the midwest for my first job as a reporter, I landed in Sioux Falls, SD.


New stomping grounds.


Yup, that’s me!

The past 6 months have been interesting to say the least. Between living in a new state, starting a new job, and saying goodbye to a lot of loved ones, it has been a learning experience.

Now that all that’s cleared up, let’s get to more important things. The things I originally had in mind when I started this blog. Food and fitness! I realized that with the holiday season coming up fast, I’m going to be (and already have been) doing a lot of baking and holiday cooking. I love being able to share those experiences, which is what inspired me to get back to blogging.

Since moving to Sioux Falls, I have had much more free time than I did in college. Balancing school, work, internships, and dance team didn’t exactly leave a whole lot of room for hobbies. However, now that I have two full days of the week all to myself, I will definitely have more time to post delicious recipes and helpful workouts. Here’s a little preview of what I’ve been up to already since moving to Sioux Falls:

halloween baking

Ooooh yeah, my coworkers like baking. This was the end product of a Friday night spent with two of my new coworkers. Needless to say I’m fitting in just fine. There’s definitely going to be much more yummy baking and cooking this week. Want to know why? Mike is coming to visit!


Mike also moved back to Minnesota after graduation. It’s about a 3.5 hour drive from Minneapolis to Sioux Falls, so we’ve been trying to see each other every other weekend. So far it’s working out nicely. We have big plans this weekend that include enjoying some fall treats, trying new recipes, and exploring nearby hiking trails.  Can’t wait to share!