This will most likely not be an exciting Friday night. It could definitely be eventful if there’s a house fire or severe car accident, in which case I’ll have to drag myself out of my apartment to go shoot some video in the middle of the night.

For now, it’s looking pretty low key. Friday nights that I’m on call are usually pretty dull. I spend my time trying to find different ways to keep myself awake since I’m technically supposed to listen to the scanner until 2:00 a.m.. Here’s what’s on my agenda for the evening.


I should probably clean my apartment, too. It’s pretty gross right now.

I’m very excited for that there Arctic Zero. For those who have never had arctic zero, it’s basically calorie-less ice cream. By no means does it taste as good as ice cream, but it gets the job done for me. I don’t get it too often since it’s expensive, and it kind of freaks me out that it only has 150 calories per pint. One time I actually ate the whole pint and felt terrible. I think the artificial ingredients just don’t sit right with me, so it’s a once in a while treat.


It is spring in Sioux Falls! I’ve spent the past two weeks in a courtroom covering a cuh-raaazy sentencing trial, but the good thing is I’ve actually had a lunch break every day. Today I took advantage of the one hour lunch break and headed outside to enjoy the beautiful spring day.


I actually felt a little uncomfortably warm in the 70 degree weather. I don’t do well with the heat. But I had this little gem to cool me down!


Iced coffee

It was a glorious lunch hour.

This is going to be a pretty boring post because I have honestly been consumed by work this week, and haven’t had much time to document my food and workouts. I did get a new gym membership, though that I really want to touch on. I also have an 8 mile run coming this weekend that I’m sure will be blog worthy. Ta-ta for now!