Hey guys, I’m sick!

Sick girl losing her mind!

Sick girl losing her mind!

Being sick is no fun, especially when it’s Spring and perfect running weather.

I have a 9 mile run on the agenda today, but unfortunately I am in no shape to knock it out. I’ve been feeling under the weather since Easter, but on Saturday I took a bad turn and have just been feeling awful.

I spent most of my day yesterday trying to keep my food down. I plan on being glued to my couch all day with some essentials.

Women's Health, fizzy water, Emergen-C, water, chapstick

Women’s Health, fizzy water, Emergen-C, water, chapstick

Just want to clarify that toilet paper is for blowing my nose since I’m out of tissue. I haven’t lost the ability to get up to use the bathroom.

Thank goodness Ree Drummond, The Pioneer Woman herself is making a delicious looking ice cream pie today. That should keep me entertained.



Never made an ice cream pie before. Now I’m intrigued. This one that I found on Pinterest looks legit, don’t ya think?


Peanut butter with an Oreo crust.

It’s pretty gross outside by normal standards, but for running it’s perfect, which is why I’m so bummed that I can’t get out for my run.

Rainy Monday

Rainy Monday

I’m tempted to just suck it up and run. Even if that means stopping to walk every once in a while, or being unable to breathe properly. On one hand I just want to get the run out of the way, and on the other I want to wait until I’m able to finish it strong and not suffer through it. Tough decisions!

Another thing that sucks about being sick: vegetables don’t make you feel better. At all.

Yesterday I tried to stick to simple foods like oatmeal, toast, soup, crackers. By the end of the day all I wanted was a bowl of broccoli and egg whites, but knew that would not sit well in my already upset stomach. Life is so rough! Help!

Alright, I’m off to watch The Pioneer Woman finish up the ice cream pie and some delicious looking pizza.