This week has been so cool.

I’ve covered some seriously awesome stories, and today the fun continues. I will be interviewing legendary journalist Tom Brokaw!


Tom Brokaw is actually from South Dakota, and is speaking at an event in a tiny little town this afternoon. It’s going to be about a 2 hour drive but totally worth it!

Let’s move on to some Friday Favorites. Like I said, this week has been a great one at work. That brings me to my first ‘favorite’ of the day:

1. Buffalo 

Image 5

Bison or buffalo? Whatever you want to call them, these animals are amazing. I got to spend some quality time with these guys for a story this week on a buffalo ranch. Did you know the males can weigh around 2,600 pounds? That’s insane! I know this has nothing to do with food or fitness, but I was seriously wowed by my buffalo encounter.

2. Buffalo Jerky Sticks

Image 3

So did I mention buffalo meat is also amazing? Bison burgers have become increasingly popular in restaurants, and even in grocery stores. The meat is actually leaner than lean ground beef! It’s a little pricy, but worth spending the money every once in a while I’d say. After my day on the buffalo ranch, the owner was kind enough to let me sample some buffalo jerky sticks. These things rule. I’m a huge jerky fan, and buffalo jerky did not let me down.

3. Empty Gym

Image 6

I love having the gym to myself. One of the perks of early morning workouts at my gym is there is rarely anyone there. Occasionally there will be maybe one or two people, but most mornings it’s just me! Yesterday was one of those mornings and it was great. Sometimes I like being in a packed gym atmosphere because it helps me get pumped up, but typically I like having the place to myself. No feeling self-conscious or worrying about waiting in line for a machine. I wish this happened more often.

4. Long Weekends With Mike


The past two weekends have been particularly enjoyable. Two weeks ago I had a nice 3-day weekend in Minneapolis, and this past weekend Mike had an extra day to spend in Sioux Falls. When you’re in a long distance relationship, an extra day really does make a difference. I rarely have the opportunity to take a day off of work, so I really hold onto the time that I do get.

Hope everyone is ready for the weekend!