It feels like Fall outside! A ‘cold’ snap is taking over the midwest right now. We’re sitting in the mid 60s which is my kind of temperature. Pretty sure I’m the only person loving the fall-like weather. What makes it even better is I’m home in Minneapolis today, and autumn weather in Minneapolis is just my perfect kind of atmosphere.


If only there were some orange and red leaves on those trees. Just a couple more months!

This weekend has gone by way too fast, like every weekend that I’m home. It may be cooler today, but yesterday was a perfect July day, so Mike and I took advantage of the weather and went stand-up paddle boarding on Lake Calhoun. I left my phone in the car in fear of falling off my board and losing my phone forever, so I sadly do not have any pictures from our adventure yesterday.

Half way through our outing the wind started to pick up. It was almost impossible to paddle against the wind and I got a little nervous we were going to be stranded in the middle of the lake.

Eventually we made it back to the shore, and celebrated with some froyo!



For flavors, I combined vanilla, pear, and a bit of salted caramel. I topped my froyo with mangoes, raspberries, brownie bites, almonds, and a couple sprinkles because I’m five.

Less than six hours later, it was time for froyo round two. Embarrassing.

Image 2

Sorry for the blurriness. After dinner at Mike’s family’s house, everyone was in the mood for a frozen yogurt dessert. We couldn’t say ‘no’ to a second helping. I mixed things up with this one and went with vanilla, forrest berry (intriguing?), and dark chocolate. I topped it all with strawberries, black berries, oreo pieces, and those little jelly balls that seem to be all the rage. Let’s just say I’ve had my fair share of frozen yogurt for a while. Not a bad thing.

I have a bad habit of over indulging every time I’m home. It’s like trips home have started feeling like vacations, and I can just let it all hang loose.  It’s time to get serious and start cutting out some of the junk as I’m starting my half marathon training tomorrow!

I used this lazy morning to put my training schedule together. My work schedule is changing and my days off will now be Wednesdays and Thursdays. I’m going to use Thursday as my long-run day. Kind of weird, since my half marathon is still on  Sunday. I only have 8 weeks to train, which will be the shortest training period I’ve ever had for a race this size. Yikes!

Time to go play with the puppies in the backyard for a bit!