We may be entering the middle of the week, but I’m still dwelling on last weekend! Particularly the food.

Mike was visiting this past weekend. That always means we pack in lots of delicious food, especially treats! Before Mike even arrived in Sioux Falls Friday night we already had our dinner planned.

Friday dinner:


Image 8

Not just any pizza; Jack’s frozen pizza. We’re big fans of Jack’s supreme. It’s one of the cheapest frozen pizzas, but one of the best tasting in my opinion. I’m a big fan of super thin crispy crust, and Jack’s has got it!

Saturday lunch:

We enjoyed some yummy turkey wraps with a side of baked ruffles for lunch.

Image 6

Flatout wraps rule.

Saturday snack:

Oh yeah, and we got these Oreos later.

Image 3

I’ve been eyeing the Reese’s Peanut Butter Cup Oreos since they first started popping up in grocery stores. I asked Mike to go get a treat at Target while I was at work, and this is what he came back with. Good call. Here’s the verdict: I thought they were great but Mike seemed underwhelmed. I promise if you like peanut butter and chocolate, you’ll like these Oreos.

Even though Mike said he wasn’t into the Reese’s Oreos, he did take them home with him on Sunday. I have a feeling they were polished off pretty quick.

Sunday brunch:

Image 5

On Sunday we went out to brunch. Mike is not as big of a fan of brunch as I am, but I managed to talk him into it this weekend. I’ve been to the Granite City brunch buffet once before and remembered it being fairly inexpensive. Well, I was bummed when we got our check and realized the the price was $3.00 more per person than I was expecting! Not sure if they bumped it up, or if my memory is fading.

The funniest part of brunch was the fact that we were the only people sitting out on the patio. It was in the upper 60s, which I guess is chilly for a July morning, but this is South Dakota. Come on people.

I did my best to stick with fruit, eggs, meat and veggies. As you can see a waffle somehow made it onto my plate as well.

It was a wonderful weekend full of great food. But, now it’s time to crack down. Mike and I are heading to Chicago in three weeks and I know we’ll be eating all kinds of unhealthy things once we get in vacation mode. From now until we touch down in Chicago we are being ‘good’. For me, that means no cookies, cakes, candy, pastries etc. So far, so good! Even though it’s been a total of two days.