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My 23rd birthday weekend has officially come to a close! It was by far one of the best I can remember.

Mike was visiting Sioux Falls this weekend, which made it extra celebratory. Saturday was my actual birthday, but the festivities really got going into Sunday. Saturday included a solid day of work, and a fun night of bowling with some of my coworkers! It was a blast, despite the fact that I’m a terrible bowler.

My mom was nice enough to have cupcakes from Oh My Cupcakes delivered to the news room Saturday afternoon.

2013-11-16 15.13.49

2013-11-16 15.30.12

After work, I quickly drove home for the nice birthday dinner Mike had prepared of very fresh and delicious chicken tacos.

2013-11-16 19.01.27

The fresh cilantro is what made these tacos. I was thoroughly impressed. The next few hours included several games of bowling, and several rounds of beer before we found ourselves at a bar just next to my apartment building.


On Sunday morning, Mike and I woke up feeling less than 100% due to the previous night’s festivities. It took us a couple hours to gather ourselves and make our way out the door for our drive to Omaha, NE! We’ve been planning a little 24 hours getaway to Omaha for the past couple months. I know Omaha doesn’t necessarily sound like a real hip travel destination, but I must say I was impressed.

2013-11-17 13.41.30

We actually stayed just outside of Omaha in Council Bluffs at Harrahs Casino. We have a weird obsession with casino buffets, and naturally we had to seize the opportunity to try out a new one.

2013-11-17 14.03.06-1

This was the first plate for both of us. The first of four, that is. This was by far the healthiest one. Some of the highlights for me were the macaroni and cheese, hash brown casserole, and some type of a spicy sausage. We left the buffet feeling absolutely stuffed, and ended up just relaxing in the hotel room for the next couple hours.

By the time night rolled around, we had somehow made room in our bellies for dinner. We had reservations at 801 Chophouse in downtown Omaha, which I had chosen based on some amazing reviews I read.

2013-11-17 18.44.43

2013-11-17 18.45.27

We have a really hard time taking good pictures. Anyway, our meals were excellent. As soon as I saw the pork chop on the menu, I was sold. It was really dark in the restaurant and I was a little nervous to use my bright flash, so these photos aren’t the best.

2013-11-17 19.47.13

Mike ordered a delicious chicken dish with a sauce of dried fruits and beans. For sides, we went with somewhat healthy options of asparagus and sweet roasted carrots. And then there was my monster pork chop.

2013-11-17 19.47.47

It came with an apple and cherry jus, just like the one I’m used to ordering at my favorite restaurant in Chicago, Ditka’s. While it wasn’t quite¬†the same as Ditka’s, it was more than satisfactory. I don’t think I’ve ever seen a pork chop as thick as this one was.

2013-11-17 19.52.40

Look at that thing! Mike and I tried to guess how many grams of protein were in the entire thing (which I ate all of), and decided it had to be at least 60 grams. Hey, at least pork is lean, right? In our final attempt to get one good picture from the night, we asked our sever to take a couple of us.

2013-11-17 20.20.09

Unfortunately, the combination of living in the sunless midwest and the bright flash turned us into ghosts. Oh well! We were so exhausted from the weekend that we didn’t even make it down to the casino like we had planned. We spent Monday morning exploring a bit of downtown Omaha and the Old Market area. We treated ourselves to one last birthday weekend indulgence at a bakery in Old Market.

2013-11-18 10.34.02

That is supposed to be one slice of apple crisp. Apparently ogres are common diners at this bakery, because I don’t know where they got the idea that this is a normal sized portion.

Overall, this weekend left me full and happy. Let’s hope the rest of the year brings the same feelings.


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