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Gooooood morning!!

I hope everyone is having a good Thursday so far. I can already say mine is MUCH better than my Wednesday was.

Yesterday, I woke up feeling fine. I at the same breakfast I eat probably four or five days of the week: egg whites with spinach , and a side of peanut butter toast with banana. About 30 minutes after finishing breakfast I had a serious pain in my stomach. I initially thought the upset stomach feeling would only last a few minutes, but no go.

I had to keep pushing off going to the gym because I could barely move from my couch. The only times I did move was to be sick in the bathroom. It was that bad. Around noon, I started feeling alright and decided to make a break for the gym. I completed a shoulders/back workout and things were feeling okay during weights. It went south when I hopped on the treadmill. BIG mistake. As soon as I started sweating and bouncing around I felt like I was going to be sick right then and there. I was sick again after lunch and really have no idea what was wrong with me.

My little episode yesterday has me thinking about pushing yourself through a workout when you’re not feeling so hot. Honestly, it might sound crazy that I even went to the gym yesterday, I know. But I’ve realized from past experiences that sometimes a workout can make you feel better. That said, it’s important to take things slow and set some limitations. I should have known better than to try to get on a treadmill when my stomach was in shambles.

Under The Weather Exercises

I think when we’re feeling under the weather, the best thing to do is focus on exercises that don’t require too much movement. That might sound impossible, but it’s not. Think simple weight lifting techniques. Obviously kettle bell swings would not fall into this category, but there are many that do:

  • bicep curls
  • should presses
  • leg presses
  • leg extensions & curls
  • lat pulldowns
  • planks, etc.

And if you really want to get some cardio in, try just hopping on the bike. Any type of sweating was making me feel awful yesterday so cardio was off the table completely. Just be sure to use your judgment and don’t push yourself too hard!

Also, if you’re not feeling so hot it might be a good time to get a good stretching and foam rolling session in.

In other news…

It’s really fall.


More than a week into October, we’re in the thick of Halloween candy, pumpkin spice, and changing leaves! Mike is coming to Sioux Falls this weekend which means I have a reason to bake for someone! Last night I thought I’d make one of my favorite fall baked goods that’s a little less traditional than your average pumpkin loaf or banana bread.


Apple Cake! I had never heard of apple cake before I started babysitting for a Jewish family in college. I learned that apple cake is a traditional Jewish holiday dessert, and I can see why. It’s so delicious and just embodies all things fall.

I’ve shared this recipe on the blog before, but I did not have a bundt pan before yesterday. Highlight of my day.

IMG_2451If you’re looking for a festive, comforting treat this season that has nothing to do with pumpkin, I’d give this apple cake a try. It’s very simple and can me made without a bundt pan.

That’s all for now!







It’s a beautiful night in Sioux Falls and I have just had a great weekend so far. Mike was here this weekend, which always makes things exciting. We had a full but very fun weekend. Check it out.


Mike got in around 8:30 Friday night and I was ready to get a special dinner going.

My dad is a big hunter and fisher, and last time I was home he stocked up me with tons of wild meat. I’ve been saving the walleye he gave me for a weekend when Mike was here. If you’ve never had walleye, you should. It’s a staple in Minnesota and I’ve grown up eating it fresh my whole life. It’s a pretty mild fish and is good just about any way you cook it, but I prefer mine battered and panfried. Not the healthiest, I know.

I cooked just over a pound of fish Friday night. I washed the filets, dipped them in egg wash, and coated them in Shorelunch breading. I then cooked them in canola oil for about 4 minutes on each side.



Fish fry dinner

Fish fry dinner

Sides included roasted green beans and sweet potatoes. It was a real good Friday fish fry. And I have leftovers still. I know what’s for dinner tonight!

Moving on.

Saturday was super crazy because I worked. Mike always shadows me when I have to work on Saturdays which makes the day go by much faster. As soon as I got off we headed to the Sioux Falls Canaries game to watch some baseball. After the game it was time to head to a bar for a co-worker’s going away celebration. Crazy day.


Like I said before, it is a beautiful night in Sioux Falls and it was also a beautiful day. Mike and I took advantage of the weather by heading out for a 14 mile bike ride shortly after breakfast this morning.

Image 5

Image 3

We stopped after about 7 miles to rest and take in the scenery. The Sioux Falls Greenway is gorgeous. It covers pretty much the entire city, but we stuck to just the southern part of the city today. It follows the Big Sioux River which makes for some excellent wildlife sightings. We saw a deer along the water today! So cool.

Image 12

I actually got a great workout from our bike ride. There were a good amount of hills along the part of the trail that we covered, and I was able to get my heart rate up.

Every good workout deserves a good treat, right? Wrong. But hey, every once in a while is okay. Which is why we decided we needed to stop at Sonic during our ride back to my apartment.

Sonic date

Sonic date

I love when fast food places have ‘mini’ or ‘snack size’ ice cream treats. However, Sonic’s mini shakes aren’t that mini. I ordered a strawberry shake and it was more than enough for me. We also split an order of chicken strips. They were decent, but the strawberry shake stole the show.

Strawberry shake

Strawberry shake

Cold and creamy. Perfect on this hot summer day!

The rest of the day was spent lounging by the pool and taking a quick cat nap before Mike had to head back to Minneapolis. Never easy to say goodbye after such a fun weekend, but I know it’s only a matter of time before our next great adventure in Sioux Falls!

Alright, now I’m off to enjoy some walleye leftovers. Woo!



There are currently tornadoes on the ground here in South Dakota. The weather is absolutely psycho, but I’ll get to that in a bit.

Let me just say that I love summer salads.

Summer Salad

Summer Salad

For dinner this evening, I fixed myself a simple summer salad with romaine lettuce, strawberries, blueberries, grilled chicken, chopped pecans, feta cheese and acai raspberry vinaigrette. YUM! I know a lot of people are anti fruit in salads, but I am not one of them. Bring on the berries.

In other news, I met Tom Brokaw last week!

With Tom Brokaw

With Tom Brokaw

This was such a great experience. I had the chance to interview him one-on-one for about 15 minutes. He was a great speaker and truly loves his home state of South Dakota!

Moving on.

This past weekend was nuts. I drove home through pouring rain and tornado warnings on Saturday night. Luckily, Mike was kind enough to take me to Applebee’s for nachos and beer when I arrived in Minneapolis around 10:00. Nachos make everything better.

Sunday morning I was off to one of my favorite places in the world to celebrate Father’s Day.

Image 2

Lake Vermilion

Image 6

I’ve been going to Lake Vermilion in northern Minnesota since I can remember. My dad’s side of my family has had a cabin on the lake since the 1960s. I rarely get up there anymore since I live so far away. Every time I get the chance to go there even just for a day I love it. Too bad the weather was absolute crap this time.

I also got to see this little baby while I was there.



I love my dad’s cat, Marshy. What a beauty. And she likes to sit in the sink?

Anyway, my trip north was short. I was back in Minneapolis Monday morning, and had planned to drive back to Sioux Falls that evening until all hell broke loose. Like I said, the weather here is psycho. A majority of the towns around Sioux Falls are under water thanks to extreme rain, and tornadoes have been sweeping across the area all week.

South Dakota Flooding

South Dakota Flooding

What’s scary is this isn’t even the worst of it. South Dakota and the neighboring states have been getting hit by strong storms since the weekend. The weather is all we have been covering at work, and I am totally enthralled.

One of the downsides of losing myself in my job a little too much is I lose sight of other things that are important to me, like working out! I hate to say that I haven’t hit the gym once since Saturday. I know four days isn’t the end of the world, but I just feel off when I go too long without a workout. I’m really hoping this lack of motivation to get to the gym will end once the weather starts to settle down.

I’m telling myself I am going to workout tomorrow morning, but tornadoes are expected to hit Sioux Falls late, late tonight, and I want to stay up and watch like a 5-year-old.


Good afternoon!

I hope Monday is moving right along for everyone. I’m off today, and had an 11 mile long run on the agenda this morning. Unfortunately, I wound up putting it off until tomorrow. You’ll never guess why!


Windy Sioux Falls

Windy Sioux Falls

Rain isn’t a problem for me, but the wind most certainly is. I probably would have braved it if the weather tomorrow wasn’t looking so promising; 60s and pretty much no wind.

I know I’m supposed to put myself through any running conditions during training since you never know what weather will be like on race day. However, I’m about 99.9% sure there will not be 25 mph winds in Minneapolis on June 1, because it’s almost never windy there.

After vetoing my run, I made myself a big breakfast of protein oats.

Oats + Whey, PB, Strawberries, Banana, Almond Milk

Oats + Whey, PB, Strawberries, Banana, Almond Milk

All mixed up

All mixed up

Woooow those photos make my food look so appealing…not. I really need to charge my actual camera and stop using my crappy phone.

Anyway, I love protein oats. For this bowl, I heated about 1/2 oats and mixed them with 1 scoop chocolate whey, a pinch of cocoa powder, strawberries, bananas, and PB2.

Shortly after the oats I headed to the gym to complete a chest and triceps workout that looked a little something like this:

Chest & Triceps:

  • wide pushups 3/10
  • incline dumbbell press 3/10
  • cable flyes 3/10
  • decline flyes 3/10
  • bench dips 3/10
  • lying tricep extensions 3/10
  • tricep kickbacks 3/10
  • overhead tricep extensions 3/10
  • tricep pushdown cable extensions 3/10
  • plank core work

After my workout I hit up the grocery store to get my weekly essentials. There is so much good fruit in season right now! I love it! I picked up supplies for fruit salad and tuna salad that I plan on making tonight after my hair appointment. Stay tuned!


So have I mentioned that South Dakota is windy?


Just some casual 33 mph winds…no big deal.

That’s what I was dealing with this morning during my 5k run. This 5k was part of my half marathon training. Technically, I was supposed to run a real 5k race, but since my training schedule has to work around my strange work schedule, there was no actual 5k race that I could do today or even this weekend.

I decided to just try to run it to the best of my ability, as if it were an actual race.

The first half I actually had a tail wind and was doing a 7 minute mile pace. Once I turned around to come back, it was a different story. Running directly into those winds slowed me down to almost a 9 minute mile.



The stats


It wasn’t a terrible finish time, but I wanted to finish in under 24 minutes. I know I would have if there wasn’t this ridiculous wind. But hey, you never know what it’s going to be like on actual race day.

Although running into the wind is absolutely terrible, I find that if I look down at the ground in front of me instead of straight on it feels a little easier. Not sure if it actually makes a difference, but it feels like it does!

I followed up my run with a quick legs workout that looked like this:

  • Superset Leg Curls & Leg Extensions 3/12
  • Superset Leg Press 3/12 & Calf Raises 3/20
  • Stationary Weighted Lunges 3/12
  • Superset Donkey Kicks & Fire Hydrants 3/12

Followed by a quesedilla lunch and a couple errands!

After running some errands I came home and had a little greek yogurt parfait with two of my favorite fruits.


Yum! The parfait included plain greek yogurt, 1/2 scoop vanilla protein powder, cinnamon, topped with strawberries, blackberries and Kashi cereal.


I put the blackberries on the bottom to try to make it pretty, but they kind of got lost. Whoops.


Mixin’ it up

So it’s starting to thunderstorm in Sioux Falls and apparently there’s a chance for a tornado nearby tonight? I’m thinking of heading down to the hot tub in my apartment building before dinner. Sounds nice and relaxing, right?

It’s the weekend!

But I still have one work day to go…nice.

At around 6:00 tonight my weekend will officially begin and I’ll be setting out on the four hour drive to Minneapolis. Mike and I are going to the Timberwolves game this weekend. Wahoo!

Let me talk about yesterday. I’ve been really good about getting my workouts in before work lately, but yesterday it just didn’t happen. I had planned to go for a morning run followed by a legs workout. When my alarm went off at 6:30 and I saw that it was pitch black and 20 degrees outside, I decided to snooze.

My run yesterday was supposed to be an easy 3 miles. It would have been my fifth run of the week. Five runs is starting to seem a little excessive for me. I’ve noticed since I started my half marathon training I’ve been giving up a lot of my time in the gym lifting weights in order to fit my runs in. I’ve decided that I’m going to break the rules and cut my training down to 4 runs per week when I’m just not feeling that extra run.

I woke up an hour after I had originally planned and made myself a breakfast that I haven’t had in several weeks. Oatmeal!


Topped with sliced banana, almond milk, blueberries and very runny PB2.


All mixed up! I was on a real oatmeal kick for months. A few weeks ago I decided it was time to start mixing in some variety with breakfast. The re-introduction of oatmeal into my morning routine was a great idea for a chilly “spring” day.

The decision to sleep in and skip my run was also a good idea. I arrived home from work around 7:00 and headed down to the gym shortly after. I was still feeling a little unmotivated, but really wanted to get an effective lower body workout in.

I came up with what I’m calling the lazy legs workout, since laziness just seemed to be in the air for me yesterday.

lazy legs

Flew by in about 30 minutes, which felt like forever due to the awful atmosphere in the gym. There are some people in my apartment building that just have the worst gym etiquette. About 10 of those people were in there at the same time as me and it was extremely distracting.

BUT I was happy I accomplished what I set out to do. The rest of the night was spent being on call, which means I stay up until 2:00 a.m. listening to the police scanner. TV life is glamorous. Since I stayed up so late, my tummy started grumbling around 1:00 a.m., and although I try to shy away from bed time snacks, I figured this was another time it was okay to break the rules. Plus, my body was clearly trying to tell me something

I fixed myself a little napkin of Kashi Golean Crunch cereal and half of a homemade protein ball.


Perfect little amount!

Now, I’m off to work for a couple stories that I’m actually excited about. You never know what kind of news you’ll get on a Saturday.

I’ve got a case of the Mondays. But in my case, I’m sad that my weekend is coming to an end. So in reality, you could say I have a case of the Sundays.

This weekend was a blast. Mike was in town and we went out for a co-worker’s birthday Saturday night. Sunday was spent lounging and running errands before he had to head out. Now it’s back to the work thing!

Today was a great day. It was a great day because I had a great run and felt like I could have done it all over again as soon as it was over.


Today was my first “long” run of half marathon training. I feel kind of silly calling this a long run, since it’s still pretty close to my short runs of 3 miles. It was just over 40 degrees when I set out around 11:00 this morning, which I call perfect running weather. I took things slow and tried to hang just under 9 minute miles the whole time. I never felt exhausted or like I was running out of steam. I honestly felt like I could have tacked on 2 or 3 extra miles easily. This is the exact pace I want to be able to keep during my half marathon, so I’m feeling hopeful!

For me, there’s nothing worse than feeling like I just barely scraped by after a run. I loved the optimistic, confident feeling I had at the end of today’s run, and really hope I can carry that into my long runs for the rest of my training.

The rest of the day included:

  1. hair appointment
  2. grocery shopping
  3. picking up new headphones that don’t sound like static in my ears

When I returned home I was ready for a little relaxation. Since it’s spring break season, I decided to get a little tropical in Sioux Falls. I put on my swimsuit and headed down to the hot tub in the pool area of my apartment complex. I was beyond happy to see there was nobody else in there.


Exotic Sioux Falls

I brought down some iced pomegranate green tea and the April issue of Women’s Health to enjoy during my “me time.”


And of course a pen and paper to jot down any notes throughout my reading!

Once I started sweating profusely, I knew it was time to head back up. I was planning on baking something for another co-workers’ birthday after dinner, but I jumped the gun and hopped to it still in my swimsuit!

She requested O Henry Bars, which I had never heard of but recognized them after Pinteresting them.


Look familiar? Here’s the recipe I followed:

O Henry Bars


  • 1 stick melted butter
  • 4 cups quick oats
  • 1 cup brown sugar
  • 2 tsp vanilla
  • 1 cup light corn syrup
  • 1 cup semi-sweet chocolate chips
  • 1 cup creamy peanut butter


  • Combine melted butter with brown sugar and vanilla.
  • Mix into oats, add corn syrup. Stir until everything is nice and sticky.
  • Press mixture into 9×13 baking sheet.
  • Bake at 350 degrees for 9-10 minutes, let cool completely.
  • Once cooled, melt chocolate chips and peanut butter in microwave and spread over the top.
  • Refrigerate until chocolate sets.

As you can probably see, mine are not completely set yet, but they look delicious!


My co-worker told me her mom used to make these all the time. I hope mine pass the test!

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