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Good evening!

I know it’s a little late, but I don’t want to wait much longer to share some highlights from my trip to Chicago this past weekend. So let’s dive right in!

Day 1:

Mike and I took off from Minneapolis early Friday morning. I was fired up!

Image 34


After we landed we spent a good amount of time just wandering around, taking in one of our favorite cities. The rest of the day was filled with delicious food, drinks, and quality time with very good friends!

Image 35


Image 27

Ditka’s Pot Roast Nachos

Image 23

Former roommate Gabby


Image 31

Image 36

Image 12

Dance Team Pals


It was a great first day in the city and probably the most fun day of the entire trip. We got to see so many people and visited several of our favorite restaurants, including a hot dog stand near the DePaul campus at 3:00 in the morning. Yikes!

Day 2

Our second day was a little more low key. Mike went off and did his thing with some friends while my former roommate, Gabby and I hung out.

We started our day off with some good brunch at Yolk, and finished it out with a sushi dinner at Seadog Sushi Bar. Oh yeah, and another late night hot dog.

Image 15

Image 14

Image 17

Image 7

Image 1

Day 3

By our final day in Chicago, Mike and I were pooped. The weather was pretty gloomy which was perfect for a lazy day. I’d say the highlight of the day was our dinner at one of my all-time favorite restaurants, Athenian Room. Mike and I have been going to Athenian Room for a few years and always order the same things; kalamata chicken for Mike and a gyro salad for me!


Image 5

Image 8

Image 4


It was the best and only vacation I’ve had in quite some time. I’m so happy I got to see some of my favorite people in the world, and I can’t wait to go back again. Now it’s time to attempt to eat as healthy as possible after a long weekend of greasy food. Totally worth it!


Good morning!

It’s Friday! Which means it’s really my Monday. I’ve had the past two days off and can’t say I’m looking forward to getting back to work today, but hopefully this next week will fly by!

I’m a little bummed right now. I had an 8 mile run planned for this morning but woke up to pouring rain outside. It’s been so gross in Sioux Falls the past couple of days. Maybe it’s a blessing in disguise because my legs are still dead tired from a lower body workout the other day, and 8 miles doesn’t sound like too much fun right now. Hopefully I can squeeze it in tomorrow morning instead.

Let’s move along to some Friday Favorites:

1. ‘Share a  Diet Coke with Rachel’ 

Image 3Hey that’s me! I’ve been hoping to find a ‘Rachel’ coke or diet coke since the ‘Share a Coke’ campaign started. My co-worker brought this back to the station the other day to show me and I had to snap a pic! It’s the little things in life, right? I’ve seen some pretty obscure names on coke bottles and cans, but I knew a few ‘Rachels’ had to be out there somewhere! I try to keep my soda intake relatively low, but I do like to enjoy a Diet Coke or Diet Dr. Pepper every now and then.

2. Cereal at night


I’ve been really into having a small bowl of cereal as a late night snack lately. I’m normally not a huge cereal person, which I’m sure will shock everyone, but lately I just can’t stop craving it. My go-to cereal lately has been HyVee brand Oats & More with honey.

IMG_2362I always have cereal on hand to throw in my yogurt or mix into a smoothie for a bit of crunch, but rarely just eat it the old fashioned way with a spoon and some milk! Some of my other favorite cereals lately have been Kashi Golean Crunch and Fiberone 80 Chocolate.

3. Fall Ideas



Fall is creepin’ up! Halloween decorations are starting to make their way into stores, and I’ve seen a lot of fall-pinteresting going on lately. The above photo caught my eye while I was browsing Pinterest this week. It’s originally from Fox Hollow Cottage. Fall is my favorite time of year without question. I can’t wait for cooler weather, changing leaves, and of course, everything pumpkin spice flavored!

4. ‘Chicago Food Authority’ Instagram

Screen Shot 2014-08-08 at 8.36.55 AM

When I lived in Chicago, I knew the food was good. Now that I can’t have it, I find myself constantly dreaming of it. the Chicago Food Authority Instragram page is a compilation of various food photos taken around the city. Anyone can submit their photos which is great. I just discovered the instagram account this week and have been drooling over it ever since. Oh what I would give to have any type of cuisine just steps out my front door. Not knocking Sioux Falls, but after living in Chicago for four years I am definitely spoiled when it comes to food options.

5. Chicago Countdown!

I won’t have to wait much longer to get my hands on some of that delicious Chicago food!

In exactly one week, Mike and I will be taking off for Chicago for a long weekend! I am beyond excited. I haven’t seen my Chicago friends since December and can’t wait to be reunited!

Screen Shot 2014-08-08 at 8.37.42 AM

wild college life

wild college life

We already have quite the to-do list, or should I say ‘to-eat’ list while we’re in Chicago. Mike and I are going to stop by some of our favorite places like Ditka’s, Athenian Room, and Homeslice. My former roommate Gabby and I are also planning on going out for sushi, and I’m sure I’ll fit a Chicago hot dog in there somewhere! Most of all, I’m just looking forward to seeing some of my best friends.

I’m heading out of Sioux Falls a day before we leave for Chicago so I’ll have some time to spend with family and friends in Minneapolis. Seriously, this next week can’t go by quick enough. I haven’t been this excited since like…Christmas. That’s saying a lot.

Have a great Friday!



Happy hump day! I for one am extremely excited for the weekend to come. DePaul only has 4 basketball games left this season, two of which are this weekend. This means I am going to be soaking up all the Blue Demon pride before it’s gone! It’s bittersweet knowing that I will never get the chance to dance on that court again. Ah, the memories.

Anyway! I want to give a little recap of my Valentine’s dinner. Mike and I celebrated Valentine’s Day on the 15th, since I had late night practice on the actual Valentine’s Day. We decided to hit up our go-to special occasion spot…DITKA’S! As usual, we started things off with the famous pot roast nachos.



I actually convinced Mike that the half order would  be enough for us, even though we normally go all out with the whole order, and end up wanting to throw in the towel before we even get our main courses. It was a wise move on my part! I tried something different than my usual pork chop and went with the blackened mahi-mahi, served with a pesto sauce, wild rice medley and sweet potato hay. YUM!


It was a nice change from the heaviness of the pork chop. But, I have to say the chop is still my favorite! In stead of ordering dessert, we went with leftover Valentine’s treats. Good call. Overall, it was a perfect Valentine’s dinner!

Half Marathon Plans

It’s official! I will be running in the 2013 North Shore Half Marathon this June! It will be my first half marathon and I am PUMPED! My favorite running and fitness buddy Tessa will also be running it with me. I’m a little nervous since this will be her second half marathon. We ran the Hot Chocolate 15k together back in November and were pretty evenly matched, so I’m hoping it’s the same this time! Although I have over 4 months before the race date, I’m already starting to map out my training plan. I can tell the toughest part is going to be finding a training plan that fits easily into my school and work schedule. Once I find a plan that fits, I’m sure I’ll be sharing it on here. Stay tuned!

If you’re looking for healthy recipes and workout tips, this is not the post for you. If you’re looking for a good healthy dose of food porn, you’ve come to the right place.

There will be no cooking this weekend. Not even a little. Mike’s parents are in town, and therefore the weekend will be jam-packed with dining out! Last night was the ultimate kick-off at my favorite “special-occasion” restaurant in Chicago, Ditka’s.

We started our meal off with the one, the only, pot roast nachos.

must. eat. nachos.

Me and pot roast nachos go way back. All the way to my twentieth birthday!

It was love at first bite.

Since Mike’s parents aren’t as big of nacho fans, Mike and I pretty much had the whole platter to ourselves.

I usually order fish for my main course at Ditka’s, but none of the selections were popping out at me, so I opted for “Da Pork Chop”.

Da Chop!

There are no words for how delicious this was. The chop was served with apple chutney, cherry jus, and mashed sweet potatoes. All of which was to die for! Both Mike and his dad went for the classic Ditka’s meatloaf.

I swear there’s meatloaf in there somewhere

If you’re a meatloaf lover, I highly recommend the Ditka’s meatloaf. The combination of the cornbread, fried onions, and mashed potatoes with the loaf is outstanding. Shortly after we polished off our meals the food coma set in. Why we chose this time to take pictures, I do not know. Things took an ugly turn:

yeah…not so much.

We were struggling. It took about fifteen attempts before we landed a decent one:

We have a winner!

Mike’s “after Ditka’s” face

Cute, right? I’ll leave you with this lovely image. Tonight we have plans to feast, yet again. Sounds like I’ll be doing cardio all day Sunday! Greeeat.

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