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Good evening!

I want to start this post off by mentioning that Fall came and went rather quickly here in Sioux Falls. Yesterday, we got a grand total of 6 inches of snow!

Screen Shot 2013-11-06 at 7.49.57 PM

Christmas is definitely creeping up. Although the snow is about 50% melted already, I was beyond excited to walk out of work into a winter wonderland yesterday.

Travel Workouts

This past weekend I was visiting home in Minneapolis. Whenever I’m home, I know a lot of eating is going to be involved between my mom’s welcome home treats, and mine and Mike’s binge eating extravaganzas. Luckily, the area of Minneapolis I grew up in is full of beautiful places to run.

If you’re from the Minneapolis area chances are you’re familiar with the chain of lakes. I was fortunate enough to grow up just blocks away from Lake Harriet, and it has become one of my all time favorite places for a run.

I took advantage of the chance to run the lake while I was home. It was a beautiful Fall morning!

2013-11-04 08.28.28

2013-11-04 08.28.10


The distance around the lake is just under 3 miles. With the short distance from my house added, the whole route adds up to about 3.5 miles. Nice and easy!

One of the days I was home I was just NOT feeling a run. I blame it on the big breakfast I had that morning. Instead, I opted for a circuit workout and some quick sprints.

I decided to do about a mile sprint or very quick run down to a local park where I completed the following circuit:



The run back to my house was definitely tougher than the run down. In all, the workout lasted no more than 30 minutes.

Working out while traveling can be tough. Whenever there’s a disruption to my normal gym routine I find myself becoming extremely unmotivated. It’s something I definitely need to work on.

I’m off to watch some Law & Order SVU and sip some coconut hot chocolate on this snowy November night!




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