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Even though I work weekends, I love having the mornings free! I’m naturally a morning person and feel much more productive during the first half of the day than I do at night. That means I’m way more motivated to get up and workout before work as opposed to after. This is especially important when you’re training for a race, and have some long, time consuming and exhausting runs scheduled on weekends.

This morning’s run wasn’t too long, but it was definitely exhausting.

My eight mile run was fueled by my typical pre-run snack: PB & banana toast plus a hot mug of coffee.





I waited just over an hour for everything to digest before setting out on my run.

The temperature in Sioux Falls is great for running right now; upper 60s with a light breeze. However, the humidity is unbearable. It was about 95% humidity this morning and it didn’t taper at all throughout my run. I was sweating buckets by about mile three. I have an extremely low tolerance for any type of heat or humidity, so this did not go over well at all.

I felt drained by mile five and really had to work to keep myself motived and focused on finishing strong. All I could think about was the sweat dripping from my face, and how great it would feel to jump into a freezing cold lake.

Despite the unfortunate conditions, I finished. I wasn’t a great run, but at least I did it.

Image 1

As soon as I was done, I walked straight over to the outdoor pool at my apartment complex to wade in the water and cool off. I was greeted by a very sad sight.


Noooooo!!! Life goes on.

Since I couldn’t immerse myself in cold water, I decided to fix myself a cold post-race snack.


Smoothie with frozen strawberries, blueberries, banana, spinach, chocolate protein powder and almond milk. It cooled me down almost instantly.

Am I the only one who can’t stand any type of humidity during a run? Or an outdoor workout for that matter? I don’t know how Floridians do it. I can’t imagine running in the extreme humidity and extreme heat. Yuck. I can’t wait for the fall weather that’s just around the corner!




Good morning!

I know Friday is a celebratory day for most people as it marks the start of the weekend. However, my schedule has changed dramatically and Friday is now actually my Monday! I’m currently working a Fri-Tues schedule. Sounds depressing, but I’m still pumped that it’s Friday because that means Mike comes today!

I also will have a chance to enjoy some weekend-like activities over the next couple of days. I’m not complaining!

Friday Favorites:

1. Running Routine

I’m running the Sioux Falls Half Marathon in September and started my training about 2 weeks ago. I haven’t ran more than 2 miles since my last half marathon was cancelled over a month ago. I’m slowly getting back into my running routine and it feels great! Of course, the most important part of the routine is the pre-run snack/meal:

Pre-run meal

Pre-run meal

Bagel thin+PB+Banana+Coffee.

I have the same pre-run meal anytime I’m running more than 5 miles. If it’s less than that I may just have a cup of coffee or handful of cereal before. Well, yesterday I was supposed to complete a 6 mile run that got cut very, very short due to a full on thunderstorm that popped up out of nowhere.

Rain-soaked run

Rain-soaked run

I made the decision to turn around once it started pouring. I even spotted lightning a couple times. Yikes! I finished just over 4 miles, and even with the rain, it was still a good-feeling run!

2. Summer Smoothies


While I’m no fan of scorching hot weather, I am a fan of smoothies. And hot weather means I consumer more and more smoothies! We have had some very hot days in Sioux Falls lately so I’ve been having smoothies for lunch, breakfast and snacks. The smoothie above consisted of frozen mangoes, strawberries, vanilla whey protein, plain greek yogurt and pineapple juice. Nice and tropical!

3. Dasani Sparkling Water


I’m a big fan of sparkling water and am always on the lookout for new kinds to try. Dasani sparkling water was on sale at the grocery store last week, so I picked up a 12-pack of the lime flavor. This is naturally flavored, unsweetened sparkling water which is typically my favorite. I love the lime flavor, but would also like to try some berry flavors. If you’re a sparkling water fan, I recommend trying the Dasani brand!

4. Skinny Cow Mint Ice Cream Sandwiches


There are certain foods I can’t control myself around; potato chips. french fries, brownies, etc. Ice cream is not one of those foods. Call my crazy, but ice cream is something I can normally do without. That said, I’m loving these Skinny Cow ice cream sandwiches. My family bought them while they were here for 4th of July. That shows you how untempted I am by ice cream, I’ve been able to let these sit in my freezer for almost a month! Anyway, these are delicious. Like I said there have been some hot hot days here lately, so ice cream comes in handy when I need a good cool down. Plus, mint is my favorite ice cream flavor!

5. Kitty Cat


Lyra moved in with me almost two weeks ago when I brought her back to Sioux Falls from my childhood home in Minneapolis. She’s already used to her new home, and I love having a little friend around when I come home from work. Don’t worry, this won’t become a cat picture blog.

I’m off to complete that 6 mile run!





Good morning! It’s a gloomy day in the Sioux Empire, but Mike is coming to visit tonight so I’m excited!

I have some pretty good favorites this week. Let’s kick things off on this Friday morning.

Friday Favorites

1. Tropical Smoothies



I’ve been really into tropical flavors in my smoothies lately. I bought a few mangoes this past week and those little devils have been making their way into breakfast, lunch and snacks all week. The above smoothie was made with mango, banana, strawberries, vanilla protein powder and plain greek yogurt. Tropical fruits like mangoes or pineapple just always make me feel like I’m on vacation. Love it!

2. Mike’s LITE Hard Lemonade

Mike's LITE

Mike’s LITE

I’ve been a big fan of Mike’s Hard Lemonade ever since my Mike turned me onto it when we first started dating. My favorite flavor is the black cherry, but honestly I love them all. I can usually only handle drinking one since there is so much sugar in the traditional Mike’s Hard Lemonade. I get pretty bad headaches from too much sugar, especially when it’s mixed with alcohol. That’s why I’m diggin’ the lightened up version of Mike’s Hard Lemonade. It tastes just as good to me, but I definitely noticed how much better I felt after drinking it compared to when I drink a whole regular one. Plus, it’s lemonade with alcohol. Perfect for summer!

3. Sweet Grass 

Sweet Grass Restaurant

Sweet Grass Restaurant

If I was ranking my favorites in order, this would be at the top. This cute little cafe is in Wessington Springs, the small town I’ve been spending a lot of time in lately due to the horrible tornado damage they sustained last week. If you’ve ever spent time in a small town, you’ll know there aren’t typically a whole lot of decent dining options. Sweet Grass completely wipes out any idea I’ve ever had about small town restaurants. Everything they make is fresh, delicious and simple. All the salad dressings hare homemade and the prices are good as well! I’ve eaten here four times in the past week and have yet to have a bad meal. My most recent eat was a chicken salad sandwich on wheat bread and a side salad with house made strawberry vinaigrette. Of course, they make their chicken salad in house.

Chicken Salad Sandwich

Chicken Salad Sandwich

4. Karen Cookies

Chocolate Chip "Karen" Cookies

Chocolate Chip “Karen” Cookies

During my time as a nanny in college, the mother of the kids I watched, Karen always made the same chocolate chip cookie recipe. I got pretty comfortable with the recipe myself, and now it is my go-to chocolate chip cookie. I call them “Karen Cookies” since they will always remind me of her. I made a batch last night for my co-worker’s going away celebration today. I like these cookies because they’re soft on the inside and crispy on the outside. I will most certainly share the recipe on her sooner than later.

That’s all! Weekend time!


Big news! I ran for the first time in three weeks today!

I’ve just been doing interval work since my half marathon got cancelled three weeks ago, but today I finally felt compelled to head out for a real steady pace run. Three weeks off sure does make you rusty.

rusty run

rusty run

I decided to keep things easy and just did three miles. It is hot in South Dakota. That’s the beauty of the midwest; freezing in the winter and grossly hot in the summer! Can’t catch a break.

Sweatin' post-run

Sweatin’ post-run

It’s amazing how big a difference three weeks off makes. My pace hasn’t changed or anything, but I just felt more fatigued than I would have a month ago. I’m running the Sioux Falls Half Marathon in September, and will probably start training within the next few weeks. Hopefully that one doesn’t get rained out, too.

I’ve been wondering how I should go about training for this race. I usually follow a training plan created by someone else, but I’m considering coming up with my own plan. I’m no expert runner and I’m not sure if there’s some magic formula I need to be following to get the best results. I’ll probably just focus on what has worked for me during past training plans and go from there.

I followed my hot run with a nice cold smoothie.

post-run smoothie

post-run smoothie

Smoothie in a beer mug. Classy, right? Not sure why it looks brown in this picture. This smoothie was simple but delicious. I threw the following ingredients into the blender:

  • 1 frozen banana
  • 3 frozen strawberries
  • handful frozen blueberries
  • 1 scoop vanilla whey protein powder
  • 1/3 cup liquid egg whites
  • 1/3 cup unsweetened almond milk
  • handful fresh spinach

Full of fruit! I usually like to use greek yogurt or cottage cheese to thicken my smoothies a little bit. I didn’t have any on hand today so decided to throw some egg whites in instead. I’ve done this in the past so I knew it wouldn’t taste too funky. Also adds even more protein!

I’m off to watch some Netflix and enjoy a relaxing Sunday night!




There are currently tornadoes on the ground here in South Dakota. The weather is absolutely psycho, but I’ll get to that in a bit.

Let me just say that I love summer salads.

Summer Salad

Summer Salad

For dinner this evening, I fixed myself a simple summer salad with romaine lettuce, strawberries, blueberries, grilled chicken, chopped pecans, feta cheese and acai raspberry vinaigrette. YUM! I know a lot of people are anti fruit in salads, but I am not one of them. Bring on the berries.

In other news, I met Tom Brokaw last week!

With Tom Brokaw

With Tom Brokaw

This was such a great experience. I had the chance to interview him one-on-one for about 15 minutes. He was a great speaker and truly loves his home state of South Dakota!

Moving on.

This past weekend was nuts. I drove home through pouring rain and tornado warnings on Saturday night. Luckily, Mike was kind enough to take me to Applebee’s for nachos and beer when I arrived in Minneapolis around 10:00. Nachos make everything better.

Sunday morning I was off to one of my favorite places in the world to celebrate Father’s Day.

Image 2

Lake Vermilion

Image 6

I’ve been going to Lake Vermilion in northern Minnesota since I can remember. My dad’s side of my family has had a cabin on the lake since the 1960s. I rarely get up there anymore since I live so far away. Every time I get the chance to go there even just for a day I love it. Too bad the weather was absolute crap this time.

I also got to see this little baby while I was there.



I love my dad’s cat, Marshy. What a beauty. And she likes to sit in the sink?

Anyway, my trip north was short. I was back in Minneapolis Monday morning, and had planned to drive back to Sioux Falls that evening until all hell broke loose. Like I said, the weather here is psycho. A majority of the towns around Sioux Falls are under water thanks to extreme rain, and tornadoes have been sweeping across the area all week.

South Dakota Flooding

South Dakota Flooding

What’s scary is this isn’t even the worst of it. South Dakota and the neighboring states have been getting hit by strong storms since the weekend. The weather is all we have been covering at work, and I am totally enthralled.

One of the downsides of losing myself in my job a little too much is I lose sight of other things that are important to me, like working out! I hate to say that I haven’t hit the gym once since Saturday. I know four days isn’t the end of the world, but I just feel off when I go too long without a workout. I’m really hoping this lack of motivation to get to the gym will end once the weather starts to settle down.

I’m telling myself I am going to workout tomorrow morning, but tornadoes are expected to hit Sioux Falls late, late tonight, and I want to stay up and watch like a 5-year-old.


Happy Monday!

It feels very strange that it’s Monday, because Mike is still here! We actually had a full day together yesterday. That never happens since he normally has to leave on Sunday, and I always have to work on Saturday. We took advantage of the day by going for a beautiful hike at Good Earth State Park.

Good Earth State Park

Good Earth State Park

But before we get to that, let’s talk food.

Mike and I have had some stellar meals this weekend. Friday night’s pizza kicked things off nicely.

pizza pizza

pizza pizza

On Saturday Mike had the great idea to make taco salads using ground turkey, enchilada sauce, black beans, fresh pico de gallo, iceberg lettuce, and cheese.

taco salad

taco salad

Plus a dollop of plain greek yogurt for me! I always use plain non-fat greek yogurt in place of sour cream. I promise it’s just as delicious but much healthier.

Sunday morning we slept in until 9:00! That’s psycho for me! I have a hard time sleeping once I see the sun is up, (we actually fell asleep on the couch at 1:30 a.m. watching Orange Is The New Black. Yikes!) Anyway, I was ready for a special breakfast Sunday morning, so waffles it was!

Sunday waffles

Sunday waffles & turkey beacon

Sadly, I don’t think my little recipe for these is good enough to share just yet. I need to work on the texture still. They got the job done, though!

Shortly after breakfast we headed out for our hike!



Skippin' rocks

Skippin’ rocks (nice socks)

Giant tree

Giant tree


We covered close to 3 miles of trails. Good Earth is a smaller state park, so we actually got to see most of it in under 2 hours. It’s right along the Big Sioux River which was gorgeous! I really do love all the state parks that are within driving distance of Sioux Falls. I never would have expected it when I moved here, since most of the state is flat grassland. If you haven’t checked out state parks in your area, you might be surprised!

We spent the rest of the day walking around downtown, grocery shopping, and watching Orange Is The New Black before it was time for dinner. We both had our hearts set on burgers.

Sunday dinner

Sunday dinner

These burgers were even better than I was expecting. Mike seasoned the meat with worcestershire sauce and cayenne, and let it sit in the refrigerator for over an hour. We topped the burgers with colby-jack cheese, turkey bacon, and sauteed onions. These seriously tasted like restaurant burgers they were so good. I ate way too many vegetables in an attempt to keep myself from eating a second burger.


I’m off today and it’s gross out. Perfect weather for finishing Orange Is The New Black! We only have three episodes left!


I meant to post this last night, but honestly fell asleep in the process. Yikes! Pretend like it’s still Friday night I guess!

Mike is here this weekend! He got in earlier tonight and will be here until Monday. Woo! Unfortunately, the weather is supposed to be pretty crappy and cold the whole weekend. That means no laying by the pool, which is good for Mike since he burns in about 3 seconds.

Moving along to ‘Friday Favorites’:

1. Pizza

Zesty's PIzza

Zesty’s PIzza

This may the the dumbest and greatest item on the list. I’ve been wanting to try Zesty’s Pizza, a new spot that recently opened near my apartment for months. Tonight was the night! As soon as Mike got into town we drove over to Zesty’s and ordered the combination pizza which included sausage, pepperoni, green peppers, onions, mushrooms and black olives.

Mike + ZA

Mike + ZA

Sometimes you just need to eat really cheesy, doughy pizza. That’s exactly what this was, and it hit the spot! I limited myself to two slices to avoid feeling like a blimp the rest of the night. This crust is super thick. I’m normally a thin, crispy crust kinda gal, but the softer crust worked with this cheesy goodness.

2. Orange Is the New Black Season 2


Awwww yeeeeuh. I’ve been awaiting the start of Orange Is the New Black Season 2 ever since I watched season one in about a day. Mike and I blew through the first two episodes while enjoying our pizza. This show is so addicting. It’s intense but humorous at the same time; perfect balance! I have a feeling we’ll get through the whole season by Monday.

3. Storm Season

It’s officially storm season in the Midwest. I experienced my first tornado/hail storm/thunder storm in Sioux Falls yesterday.



Ping-pong ball hail

Ping-pong ball hail

I love severe storms, especially in the summer. What I don’t love is the hail damage these storms leave on my car.

4. Cute Emergency 

Cutie patootie

Cutie patootie

Everyone go follow Cute Emergency on Twitter NOW! Look at this little guy! Cute Emergency posts the best adorable little animal photos all day long. Anytime I’m having a particularly draining day at work, I can look at one of these posts and immediately feel a little better. Seriously, even if you’re not a crazy animal person like me you’ll appreciate this page.

Mike is officially passed out on the floor. Too much pizza for him. I’m off to listen to the police scanner until I can’t keep my eyes open anymore!

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