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I meant to post this last night, but honestly fell asleep in the process. Yikes! Pretend like it’s still Friday night I guess!

Mike is here this weekend! He got in earlier tonight and will be here until Monday. Woo! Unfortunately, the weather is supposed to be pretty crappy and cold the whole weekend. That means no laying by the pool, which is good for Mike since he burns in about 3 seconds.

Moving along to ‘Friday Favorites’:

1. Pizza

Zesty's PIzza

Zesty’s PIzza

This may the the dumbest and greatest item on the list. I’ve been wanting to try Zesty’s Pizza, a new spot that recently opened near my apartment for months. Tonight was the night! As soon as Mike got into town we drove over to Zesty’s and ordered the combination pizza which included sausage, pepperoni, green peppers, onions, mushrooms and black olives.

Mike + ZA

Mike + ZA

Sometimes you just need to eat really cheesy, doughy pizza. That’s exactly what this was, and it hit the spot! I limited myself to two slices to avoid feeling like a blimp the rest of the night. This crust is super thick. I’m normally a thin, crispy crust kinda gal, but the softer crust worked with this cheesy goodness.

2. Orange Is the New Black Season 2


Awwww yeeeeuh. I’ve been awaiting the start of Orange Is the New Black Season 2 ever since I watched season one in about a day. Mike and I blew through the first two episodes while enjoying our pizza. This show is so addicting. It’s intense but humorous at the same time; perfect balance! I have a feeling we’ll get through the whole season by Monday.

3. Storm Season

It’s officially storm season in the Midwest. I experienced my first tornado/hail storm/thunder storm in Sioux Falls yesterday.



Ping-pong ball hail

Ping-pong ball hail

I love severe storms, especially in the summer. What I don’t love is the hail damage these storms leave on my car.

4. Cute Emergency 

Cutie patootie

Cutie patootie

Everyone go follow Cute Emergency on Twitter NOW! Look at this little guy! Cute Emergency posts the best adorable little animal photos all day long. Anytime I’m having a particularly draining day at work, I can look at one of these posts and immediately feel a little better. Seriously, even if you’re not a crazy animal person like me you’ll appreciate this page.

Mike is officially passed out on the floor. Too much pizza for him. I’m off to listen to the police scanner until I can’t keep my eyes open anymore!


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